Technical Design Issues

Technical aspects or issues are the backbone for any development especially in today’s world as there is a constant change which needs to be observed for any future changes to it. There should always be enough scope for future development or enhancement to the application, and is only possible when scope and industry of the application so that it fulfil the requirements of targeted audiences. In past this was neglected and due to lack of information gathering and less or none compatible usability issues has led to a disaster. Technical design covers a huge range of aspects like network infrastructure; hardware software and multimedia support etc. all these are discussed separately below.

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Design Issues

This is the technical back bone of mobile computing because the whole idea of being mobile is based on wireless technology. First network design issue will be the correct number of users or at least a reasonable assumption considering the increase in near as well as far future. Moreover this also needs to be estimated that how many active users there will be at different times.

The reason for this estimate is because wireless networks are usually slower than wired networks although constant efforts are being made to minimise the data lose over the wireless network and is still under consideration. If the estimate is not accurate users can face severe delays during the data transfer process.

Selection of right device or devices is also an important aspect from connectivity point of view; the end device can either be a laptop, a PDA, a mobile or a blackberry. Devices has a very important relationship with networks, to achieve the maximum compatibility device selection will also need to be justified during the design stage.

Access point range should also be considered to provide the full coverage; otherwise end user might face difficulties accessing the services on their mobile devices, this problem is still being faced by many mobile users where there is bad reception or coverage. This should be considered during the design stage that where there is more users there will also be sufficient coverage.

Wide Area Radio Network Design Issues

There are two possibilities (most of the times) when it comes to implementing the radio network design, should a private radio network be built or public shared network be used. Depending on the future scope this needs to be considered very carefully.

Capacity Planning & Response Time Calculations

Data flowing across the network goes through several mediums like wired hubs, wired/wireless networks, cables, satellites etc. and more than once in order to send and receive data across the network and end user. Due to this complexity of data flow it very difficult to come up with actual response time but an accurate estimate can be made keeping all the real situations in time. This will enable the services to be design according to the response time of data across the network and from user’s device to the server or vice versa.

Data Compression Consideration

Due to heavy flow of data across the network it is very likely that, services on a mobile device become very slow or inaccessible, the best technique used to over come this situation is to implement the concept of compression, which reduces the amount of traffic across the network. Data compression is usually done in modems but mobile devices can also be configured to interpret the short of common messages or applications/services using small codes. Compression helps to achieve the best service from the bandwidth. Moreover forms and screens can be stored on the mobile devices, so that minimal amount of traffic should flow across the network.

System Availability Design

System availability is about considering the backup devices in case of a major failure in hardware or software. Wireless networks usually have redundancies which can cause over load of data and might need backing up. There can be a possible down time for the server for which need of a replacement server or hardware should be considered, moreover estimated down time and uptime should also be considered to avoid any unwanted delays.

Security Issues

Securing information is one of the most important aspects need consideration while dealing with data over a network especially wireless network, and this is one reason which put down many potential users to use mobile devices for data sharing. Security should be considered by providing encryption and on-the-air encryption specifically in mobile communication or mobile computing. Since mobile computing takes place through the radio signals, which travels through the open air where they are intercepted by people who are on the move and are difficult to track down.

Common security breaches like criminal elements, interception of credit card authorisations over wireless network etc. should always be considered before implementing the network. This should also be considered at the design stage to allow necessary precautions and disaster planning.

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