According to my research there are still many issues needs to be considered at design level because mobile computing is an emerging technology and hold a lot of potential in it. But there are some aspects which need thorough consideration as it can play a vital role in the success of this buzz word mobile computing. It is highly recommended to resolve the network issues especially wireless network issues like security, speed and reliability as this might put down many potential users because it is known very well that wireless network is less secure then wired network.

Secondly usability aspects at the application layer also play an important role by designing less complex and easily interpretable applications can save a lot of battery life hence providing more flexibility to the user when using their mobile device. Careful consideration in designing input and output devices like screens and keyboards in a traditional way can also help in attracting users afraid of using new technologies.

Moreover there should be a full scope of expansion as there will be constant updating required to meet the changing and new challenges of the application. There will always be a demand for new and advance features for this a growth scope is very important.

Last but not the least design should cater both technical and non technical needs of the system and also consider every type of user or potential user, because if only limited audiences is targeted application might not get successful, to ensure an application or mobile device will do well it is important to capture the audiences from every walk of life so that the use of particular application or service or device become a norm of life and their use will be taken as a routine activity.

These recommendations are solely based on my research and findings and at this growing stage of wireless network I have realised that design issues if not considered properly and in a timely manner can cause potential damage to the this platform of computing industry as history is witness where badly designed systems and applications has caused serious disasters and led towards huge financial loses, to avoid the mishaps of history it is always a good practice to understand the requirement of system as well as its users so that a connection can be made between the two.

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