This paper discusses every aspect for designing the mobile device in detail and I would like to draw attention of these issues while designing a mobile device or the device that going to be part of mobile computing domain. Without considering these issues we can face many problems as well as the fear of losing particular technology. In this decade people are more mobile now, they want to access their information and services anywhere, anytime regardless of their geographical location.

At this stage we are facing different types of problems and threats to the mobile industry, the two major aspects are the security and the usability issue. Detailed analysis of security issues is very important at least for a mobile wireless device, there are numbers of ways that it can be compromised, but I would like to draw an attention on the usability issues as well. They both need to be carefully planned and designed that the mobile user or target audience get used to it easily, effectively and securely.

This paper provides a brief information and discussion about the issues relating to design of a mobile device. According to my aims and objectives of this paper I have done the detailed research and get the knowledge about it and the factors that need to be consider carefully. This paper also provides the technical discussion about designing issues of mobile computing that will definitely help me and sharpen my skills in this domain. Its also provide us information about how we can improve our designs and the security features in the wireless networks but this paper does not particularly focus on the in-depth detail about the security aspect for example: encryption and the requirements for enhancements of network architecture.

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