Design Issues In Mobile Computing


Concept of computing now days is anytime anywhere, companies has offices around the world and maintaining a communication bridge which connects them across the world. Data is transferred and travelled across the globe within seconds but in order to maintain the ubiquitous factor of computing the most buzzing word of today is mobile computing and can be seen as the future of the computing industry.

This new breed of computing is still in its early days as different design aspects including technical as well as ergonomic are involved mobile computing. Technical aspects are mostly related to the network issues covering how data will be transferred and what will be the most suitable medium for it travel across the network, where as ergonomic factors involve how can the usability be more effective because of its small size there is a possible threat that it might not be as usable as a standard computing devices.

As there is not just one thing behind the scene of mobile computing several technologies merge together to enable this impressive technology, the reason for highlighting the design issues in this paper is to increase the importance of design elements required while merging the different technologies through the whole process. Designing is the key for compatibility and compatibility leads to the successful merge of technologies. (Abdelsalam A. Helal, 1999)

In this blogger I have made an effort to highlight the important aspects involved in providing high level of compatibility, which is key to the success for every application is today’s computing world.

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